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Five Useful Forms for Advisors


Frequently Used Forms and Information for Advisors and their Advisees

Many of these forms are up-dated periodically. The links listed here are to the most up-to-date version.

These links are from the Website maintained by the Registrar’s Office:

•  #1 Request for exception to Academic Regulation

(Formally: Admissions and Credits Petition)

This form is used by students who are petitioning to ask for an exception to a policy in the catalog. The student will need the help of their academic advisor to ensure that the petition is completed correctly. The request requires an accompanying letter signed by the student AND the advisor that explains why the petition is being submitted

The request is taken to the Advising Assistance Center (AAC) for evaluation prior to action being taken or being forwarded to the Admissions and Credits Committee for a review of Academic Policies

these policies are linked directly to the catalog and can be found here:

• #2 Undergraduate Course Substitution or Waiver

This form allows the student to work with Department Chairs to substitute courses in the catalog for others completed at, or transferred to, Shepherd University

• #3 Transfer Approval Form

Known as the “Green Form,” this form must be completed PRIOR To attempting ANY course at another institution.This is extremely important if the course being taken elsewhere is in the Major, Minor or has been attempted previously at Shepherd University

• #4 Permission for Course Overload (More than 19 Credit Hours)

The maximum number of credits that can be taken, without extra permission, is 19 credit hours. This form must be completed for 19 to 23 credit hours. No student is allowed to tie aver 23 credit hours in any one semester.

• #5 Academic Change Form (Change major, advisor, catalog, etc.)

For all academic changes this form ensures, among other things, that the on-line degree evaluation through RAIL is based on the correct catalog, major (minor) and that the correct advisor is listed for the student.