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Students must be making measurable academic progress towards completion of an eligible degree to receive financial aid.  Federal regulations require an evaluation of both quantitative and qualitative academic progress.  Any student receiving Title IV financial aid is required to maintain satisfactory academic progress according to the Compilation of Financial Aid Regulations (34 CFR, through 1995 as published by the US Department of Education, section 668.34).

The following policy is effective as of May 2005 and supersedes any previous policy:

  1. All bachelor's degree seeking students must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA as of his/her 25th attempted credit hour.  While attempting 0-24 credit hours a minimum 1.75 GPA is required.
  2. All master's degree seeking students must maintain a minimum 2.25 GPA.
  3. All undergraduate students must pass at least 70 percent of the credit hours attempted.
  4. All graduate students must pass at least 80 percent of the credit hours attempted.
  5. All bachelor's degree seeking student must complete the program within 192 attempted credit hours.

Attempted hours for courses with a grade of failure (F), incomplete (I), incomplete/failure (IF), withdrawal (W), or repeat (R) are counted as hours attempted and combined with all passing grades in determining progress.

Students admitted or re-admitted on academic probation may not meet GPA standards.

The standards are evaluated at the end of the spring semester. Students who are not in compliance will have a two semester probationary period.  Students are notified of this status in writing.  Each student is only provided one probationary period.  If the student continues to fail the satisfactory academic progress standards after the probationary period, they will be notified in writing that they are no longer eligible for financial aid.


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