Borrowed Children - Golden Kite Award

Basket - Kentucky Bluegrass Award

Mountain - Andrew Mountain Press Award

Catalpa - Book of the Year, Appalachian Writers Association

Come a Tide - Reading Rainbow feature

Who Came Down That Road? - Best Books of the Year, Publisher's Weekly

With a Hammer for My Heart - "Original Voices" Series, Borders Bookstore


On Lyon's poetry:
"Lyon is never trivial; she writes of things that matter--birth, death, family, community...her metaphors are always vivid and fresh, and often brilliant...Lyon's poems are visions to which art has given voice."
        ---Jim Wayne Miller

On Catalpa:
"Catalpa will read you the riddle of family, of memory, of Oaksie Caudill and Virginia Woolf, of Red Bird Mission and the Air Force Museum, of searching "way up the chromosome chain" for your mothers and fathers...Like leaves on a tree, these gentle, accurate poems will delight eye and ear; like leaves on a tree, they are both seeming-simple and intricately veined, each one individual yet part of a whispering, mantic whole."
          ---Jane Wilson Joyce

"George Ella Lyon's poems offer many gifts, but a focus on the search for ancestry seems to me the unique gift of Catalpa. This searching begins locally and reaches beyond the bonds that unite us all, Appalachian and non-Appalachian, man and woman, to the essence of our common humanity. Here we discover lives brought forth in words, "no waste and no hurry...tough as a poem for the burden that outlasts us, for a heart leaved with words like a tree."
           ---Jeff Daniel Marion

On Borrowed Children:
"A choice coming-of-age story, whose telling is subtle and whose writing is vivid."
          ---Booklist, starred review

"Lyon's simple yet penetrating observations on families and love convey truths as pertinent to adults as to youthful readers."
          ---Publishers Weekly

On Counting on the Woods:
"A book organized around a counting theme features crisp, close-up photography - in colors so vivid, they hardly seem real - to celebrate the beauty of the forest in Kentucky...this succeeds in all its riveting detail as a tribute to a place that both the author and photographer hold dear."

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