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All full- and part-time faculty members have an access code for the copy machine in KN-220. This copy machine should be used for small copy jobs or for jobs where there is not enough time to process an order through the Campus Print Shop. For large jobs, faculty should submit an order to the Campus Print Shop at least three days before the copies are needed. This will help us extend the life of our office copier by shifting the heaviest copying loads to copiers designed to handle such loads. Keep in mind, however, that the English Department must pay for copies whether they are in our own copier or through the campus service, and that we actually pay more for copies through the Print Shop than we do for individual copies made in KN-220. In order to control copy costs, the English Department has adopted the following guidelines for copy use by teaching faculty.

Campus copy machines should not be used to create what amount to extra course packets for students. Even small additional readings can end up costing the department a large amount of money. Faculty who want students to read additional texts should either submit a course packet in advance to the Shepherd College Bookstore for a copyright-cleared course packet that students can purchase with their textbook, or they should put the materials on reserve in the library where students can read them and copy them at their own expense.

If possible, teachers should put teaching materials (handouts, study questions, class notes, etc.) on a web page where students can download them and print them off on their own. Materials can also be saved as attachments and e-mailed to students on a class mailing list. Almost all of our students now own their own computers, and all of them have access to computers through campus computing centers. All faculty have access to campus W: drive that allows them to save course materials directly from MS Word in a format that students can download immediately.

If possible, teachers should copy course materials onto an overhead and use the overhead projector instead of creating copies of in-class work for every student in a class. An overhead projector can be useful for such things as in-class essay prompts, class lecture guides, group-work assignments, brief in-class reading assignments (quotations, poems, short paragraphs for discussion, etc.), and for many other things that teachers often photocopy for students only to have the copies thrown away at the end of the class period. Instructors should also consider using the department's computer projector to generate power-point presentations or to display web sites directly from the Internet.

Finally, all instructors should use good conservation sense. Don't use two copies when one will do, and don't use a full copy when a half-sheet will suffice. We should all think about the necessity and the pedagogical value of every photocopy that we make, and we should always look for ways to do conserve resources without sacrificing the quality of our courses.


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