The Academy

The Bayeaux Tapestry (link to information page)

Hildegard of Bingen
Scivias (1142-52)

Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-1494) (bio)
Giovanna Tornabuoni nee Albizzi (1488)

Properiza de' Rossi (c. 1490-1530)
Joseph and Potipher's Wife (c. 1520)

Lavinia Fontana (1552-1614)
Portrait of a Lady with a Lapdog (1590's)

Sofonisba Anguissola (c. 1532-1625)
Self Portrait (1561)

Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1653) (bio)
Susanna and the Elders (1610)
Judith and Her Maidservant (1613-14)
Judith Slaying Holofernes (c.1620)
Lucratia (c. 1621)
Self-Portrit as the Allegory of Painting (1630)
Lucretia (1642-43)

Clara Peeters (1594-c.1657)
Still Life (n.d.)

Giovanna Gazoni (1600-1670)
Plate of White Beans (n.d.)

Judith Leyster (1609-1660)
The Proposition (1631)

Maria Van Oosterwyck (1630-1693)
Vase of Tulips, Roses, and Other Flowers with Insects (1669)

Elizabeth Sirani (1638-1665)
Portia Wounding her Thigh (1663)

Rachel Ruysch (1664-1750)
Flower Still Life (after 1700)
Roses, Convolvulus, Poppies, and Other Flowers in an Urn on a Stone Ledge (1745)

Rosalba Carriera (1675-1757)
Self-Portrait Holding Portrait of Her Sister (1715)

Francoise Duparc (1726-1778)
Woman Knitting (n.d.)

Angelica Kauffmann (1741-1807)
Design in the Ceiling of the Central Hall of the Royal Academy (1778)
Virgil Writing His Own Epitaph (1785)

Elisabeth-Louise Vigee-Lebrun (1755-1842)
Portrait of Marie Antoinette with her Children (1787)
Countess Golovin (1797-1800)

Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899)
The Horse Fair (1853-55)

Lilly Martin Spencer (1822-1902)
We Both Must Fade (Mrs. Fithian) (1869)

Berthe Morisot (1841-1895)
Mother and Sister of the Artist (1870)

Mary Cassatt (1844-1926) (bio)
Lydia in a Loge, Wearing a Pearl Necklace (1879)
The Bath (1891)
Mother and Child (c. 1905)

Lila Cabot Perry (1848-1933)
Lady with a Bowl of Violets (1910)

Eva Gonzales (1859-1884)
A Meeting (n.d.)

Camille Claudel (1864-1943)
Auguste Rodin (1892)

Suzanne Valadon (1865-1938)
Adam and Eve (1909)

Vanessa Bell (1879-1961)
Lytton Strachey (1912)

Natalya Goncharova (1881-1962)
Linen (1912)

Georgia O'Keefe (1887-1986)
Music: Pink and Blue (1919)

Kay Sage (1898-1963)
I Saw Three Cities (1944)

Lois Mailou Jones (1905-)
Lew Fétiches (1938)

Alice Neel (1900-1984)
Margaret Evans Pregnant (1978)

Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975)
Single Form (1962-63)

Lee Krasner (1908-1984)
Cornucopia (1958)

Frida Kahlo (1910-1954)
The Broken Column (1944)

Dorthea Tanning (1910-)
Guardian Angels (1946)

Remedios Varo (1913-1963)
Creation of the Birds (1958)

Elaine de Kooning (1920-1989)
Sunday Afternoon (1957)

Joan Mitchell (1926-)
Lucky Seven (1962)

Helen Frankenthaler (1928-)
Before the Caves (1958)

Maya Lin
Vietnam Vetrans Memorial (1975)

Judy Chicago (1939-)
The Dinner Party (begun 1974) (The on-line version of The Dinner Party)

The Zelda Fitzgerald Gallery

Photograph of Zelda and Scott
Ballerinas Dressing (c.1941)
Ballet Figures (c.1941)
Muscular Figure (mid-1930s)
Nursing Mother with Red Blanket (c.1932-34)
Nursing Mother with Blue Blanket (c.1932-34)
Calla Lillies (1940s)
Morning Glories (undated)
Wine and Roses (undated)
Hope (c. 1938)
Chandler, North Carolina (c.1945)
Hospital Slope (c.1947)
Fifth Avenue (1940s)
Brooklyn Bridge (c.1944)
Great Smoky Mountains (1940s)
Times Square (c.1944)
Grant's Tomb (c.1944)
Madeline Apertifs (1940s)
Washington Square (c.1944)
Notre Dame Cathedral (c.1944)
The Lobster Quadrille (undated)
Advice from a Caterpillar (undated)
A Mad Tea-Party (undated)
Goldilocks and the Three Bears (undated)
Hansel and Gretel (undated)
Old Mother Hubbard (undated)
Mary Had a Little Lamb (undated)
The "Wolff, Wolff" (undated)
Adam and Eve (Late 1940s)
Star of Bethlehem (Late 1940s)
The Parable of the Vineyard (Late 1940s)
The Deposition (c.1945)
Marriage at Cana (Late 1940s)