unlocking the novel
a guide to modernism and postmodernism

Unlocking the postmodern novel 

Tried to tackle the work of John Barth or Maxine Hong Kingston, Toni Morrison or Tim O'Brien, Philip Glass or Michael Cunningham on your own? Felt like you'd gotten lost in a house of mirrors? Having trouble finding your way out?

Well, now you've got some trusty fellow readers to share their tricks and strategies so that you won't get lost in the funhouse!


Start by preparing yourself to become a postmodern reader and then rummage around in the postmodern junk drawer (and be sure to click on the items in the junk drawer to learn even more about postmodernism!). You'll also find it helpful to take a look at our abbreviated guide to literary genres, to explore this key to postmodernism, and to consider the shifty nature of truth.


Then learn about some key postmodern writers: Tim O'Brien, Maxine Hong Kingston, Toni Morrison, and Michael Cunningham.


And finally, take a look at the ways in which other artists have embraced postmodernism


"Unlocking the novel" was created by students at Shepherd College. 2003 Dr. Linda Tate