unlocking the novel
a guide to modernism and postmodernism

Unlocking the modern novel isn't as hard as it sounds.


Tried to tackle the work of James Joyce or Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway or William Faulkner on your own? Felt lost and overwhelmed? Followed the story but wondered if you were missing something?


Well, now you've got some trusty fellow readers to share their expertise and secrets.


Get your bearings by becoming a modern reader and taking our short course: The Modern Reader 101.


Then travel with one reader as she takes her own journey to unlock the modern novel.


And finally, learn about the four strategies we've found most helpful:

Once you're ready, explore our tips for reading key innovators in the development of the modern novel:

"Unlocking the Novel" was created by students at Shepherd College. 2003 Dr. Linda Tate