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Senate Documents, Information, and Proposals

Academic Affairs Faculty Professional Development Supplemental Funding
Application for Supplemental Funding--Faculty Professional Development (posted: 10-16-08)

Adjunct Instruction
April 14, 2008 Letter on Adjunct Policy (posted: 4-28-08)
Open Letter to Adjunct Staff Regarding HEPC Faculty Study Report (posted: 2-28-07)

Annual Experience Increment
Senate March 12, 2008 Letter to Staff on AEI Issue (posted: 4-28-08)

Faculty Personnel Policies
Fourth Draft of Senior Professor Award for Excellence and Salary Enhancement (posted: 4-28-08)
Letter from President Dunlop Regarding Faculty Personnel Policies (posted: 5-11-07)
POLICY REVISIONS-PROMOTION/TENURE-For consideration by the Senate (posted: 4-16-07)
Series 9, Academic Freedom, Professional Responsibility, Promotion and Tenure
President Dunlop's Letter Regarding Senate Recommendations for Amendment to Faculty Personnel Policies (posted: 3-7-07)
Shepherd Faculty Positions Policy (posted: 8-15-06)
Proposed Policy Revisions - Promotion/Tenure (posted: 12-7-06)

Faculty Senate Report Card
2008-2009 Faculty Senate Report Card (posted: 8-18-09)
2007-2008 Faculty Senate Report Card (posted: 4-28-08)

Faculty Senate Committee Documents
Faculty Scholarship
C&I Program Addition, Deletion, or Change Form (posted: 9-17-07)
Proposed GS Program Change Form (posted: 3-13-07)
Withdrawal Form

Higher Education Policy Committee Reports
Institutional Compact Report Form Draft (posted: 9-20-07)
HEPC Masterplan Draft (posted: 8-23-07)
Study of Higher Education Faculty in West Virginia (HEPC Executive Report) (posted: 1-29-07)
Study of Higher Education Faculty in West Virginia Appendix (Institutional Data Sheets) (posted: 1-29-07)

LEAP General Education Standard
Re-visioning the Curriculum PowerPoint (posted: 8-18-09)
Re-Visioning the Curriculum - Chairs/Deans (MORE DETAIL) PowerPoint (posted: 8-24-09)
Globalization and the Information Age YouTube Clip (posted: 8-18-09)

Merit Pay
Merit Pay Guidelines (posted: 3-11-10)
Merit Pay Sample Cover Letter (posted: 3-11-10)
Revised Merit Document (Board of Governors Policy 26)

Letter to President Dunlop Regarding Parking Decals (posted: 3-15-07)

Summer Instructional Pay
Faculty Summer Salary Increase (posted: 1-9-08)
Letter to President Shipley, September 10, 2007, Summer Pay (posted: 9-17-07)
Letter from President Dunlop Regarding Compensation of Full-Time Faculty During Summer Terms (posted: 5-11-07)

Tuition Waivers
April 14, 2008 Letter on Tuition Waivers (posted: 4-28-08)

University Mission and Values
Shepherd University Mission Statement and Statement of Core Values (posted: 3-9-07)
Shepherd University Mission Statement and Core Values (posted: 1-24-07)

WV Great Teacher Seminar
2008 Great Teachers Seminar (e-mail Dr. Renninger at



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