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Acknowledging the principle of faculty self-governance and recognizing the critical role that the faculty performs in the internal affairs of the institution, the Faculty Senate is established by the University Assembly under Article IV of the Constitution of Shepherd University.

Meeting in open session, the Faculty Senate provides an opportunity for faculty to express their concerns, formulate policy, forward proposals to the University administration, and review policies developed by the University administration on matters pertaining to the following:

  1. instruction, research, service and students;
  2. requirements for the granting of degrees;
  3. curricula requirements for general education;
  4. additions and deletions of courses and programs;
  5. students' admission, selection, retention standards;
  6. professional development including criteria and faculty selection for sabbaticals and leaves of absence;
  7. academic freedom and tenure; and
  8. faculty evaluation for tenure, promotion, and merit pay.

In addition, the Faculty Senate establishes and communicates to the administration various faculty resolutions pertaining to the following:

  1. development of library, laboratories, computer facilities, telecommunications, and other aids to instruction, research, and experimentation;
  2. faculty salaries, retirement, fringe benefits, teaching loads; and
  3. such other academic and professional affairs of interest to the University community.


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