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Use of Internet by Students and Educators

Technology in Shepherd University's Teacher Education Program

The Teacher Education Program recognizes that graduates who are equipped with solid introductory foundations in computer-related technologies will produce increased and effective use of computers and related technology in P-Adult classrooms. The university has obtained greater resources to equip faculty and students in this area. The Department of Education offers EDUC 380: Technology in 21st Century Teaching and Learning, and infuses the use and content of technology requirements throughout all courses in the Teacher Education Program. To this end, teacher candidates have many opportunities to use many of the current technological products that are available. Candidates reflect upon the significance of technology, how to use technology ethically and responsibly, and how to use current technology in the well equipped schools as well as those schools where there are few computers per classroom.

Computer Competency is a required component for admission to the Teacher Education Program. Students must demonstrate that they are able to use the computer to:

  • Produce several different types of word processing documents
  • Send email (including sending attachments)
  • Organize information into a database or create a spreadsheet to calculate data
  • Find lesson plans on the internet through web browsers
  • Find information on the internet for a course assignment
  • Conduct library/internet research
  • Navigate online course modules

The types of technology that we have available for use by faculty and students in our program are:

  • Computer labs
  • Laptop computers
  • LCD projectors
  • Scanners
  • Camcorders
  • Document Cameras
  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Camcorder
  • Camera
  • Overhead projectors
  • Smart room
  • Televisions with video and DVD players
  • Sakai
  • Tk20

Our students engage in the following types of activities to learn and demonstrate their use of technology:

  • Development of PowerPoint presentations for oral reports.
  • INTEL Teach to the Future training for all students in EDUC 380. In these classes our teacher education students, who are also out in the field teaching to K-12 students, use productivity software as a means to produce a unit that has as the basis for individual student assessment using PowerPoint Presentations, Publisher, or web page development.
  • Use of the internet to locate materials for course requirements.
  • Use of Sakai.
  • Use of various databases to locate articles on education issues.
  • Development of videos for course presentations.


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