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Professional Studies in Secondary Education

Required Courses
EDUC 150. Seminar in Education (1)
EDUC 200. Foundations of Education (3)
EDUC 320. Social and Psychological Conditions of Learning (5)
EDUC 360 Survey of Exceptional Children OR  
ARED 180 Inclusive Approaches to Art Education (Art Education majors only) OR  
PHED 401 Teaching Adaptive Physical Education (Physical Education majors only) (3)
EDUC 370.Creating Learning Environments(4)
EDUC 380 Technology in 21st-Century Teaching and Learning (3)
EDUC 4XX. Special Methods (3-6*)
EDUC 400 Inclusion in the Regular Classroom (3)
EDUC 443 Reading in the Content Areas (3)
EDUC 45X.Student Teaching(9)

*Family and consumer sciences education requires 6 hours.

**Art education and physical education will have 31 hours because of the substitution of their special education courses for EDUC 360.

See each specialization for specific course numbers and titles.