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   Specialization Handbooks

     Art Education, P-Adult

     Elementary Education

     Early Childhood

     English Education, 5-Adult

     Family and Consumer
     Sciences, 5-Adult

     Physical Education, P-Adult and
     Health Education, 5-Adult

     Master of Arts in Teaching

     Math Education 5-12
     Math Education 5-9

     Music Education, P-Adult

     Science Education, 5-Adult

     Social Studies, 5-Adult

     Spanish Education, 5-Adult


Professional Education Unit Council

Admission to Teacher Education Program Policy

Student Teaching

The Professional Education Unit is the body that is responsible for Teacher Education at Shepherd University. The Professional Education Unit Council (PEUC) is chaired by the Director of Teacher Education and is composed of the Specialization Coordinators from each Specialization, all members of the Department of Education, and two elected teacher candidates. In this way, the PEUC exemplifies how faculty from the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences share responsibility and authority with the faculty from Education in determining what is important in teacher education. The PEUC, through bi-monthly meetings, administers, coordinates, evaluates, monitors, reviews, and revises the Teacher Education Program at Shepherd University. The PEUC has the responsibility to ensure that all Specializations are conducted in a manner that is consistent with the stated philosophy, theme, and objectives of the teacher education program.

The current PEUC is:

Dr. Jared Androzzi Specialization Coordinator for Physical Education
Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Sport
Dr. Rosalie Barretta Secondary Specialization Coordinator for Health Education
Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Sports
Dr. Scott Beard Dean of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education
Dr. Denis Berenschot Secondary Specialization Coordinator for Spanish Education
Department of English and Modern Languages
Dr. Dawne Burke Department of Education
Dr. Tauna Cole Department of Education
Dr. Ruth Conley Secondary Specialization Coordinator for Science Education
Department of Biology
Dr. Kathleen Corpus Specilization Coordinator for Family and Consumer Science
Department of Business Administration and Family and Consumer Science
Dr. David Gonzol Specialization Coordinator for Music Education and MMME Liaison
Department of Music
Dr. Osman Guzide Secondary Specialization Coordinator for Mathematics Education
Department of Computer Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering
Dr. c. lynne hannah Department of Education
Dr. Virginia Hicks Dean of Education and Professional Studies
Dr. Dorothy Hively Director of Assessment and Accountability
Department of Education
Dr. Douglas Kennard Director of Teacher Education
Department of Education
Dr. Rebecca Mercado Elementary Specialization Coordinator
Department of Education
Dr. Belinda Mitchell Department of Education
Dr. Laura Porter Department of Education
Dr. Sylvia Bailey Shurbutt Specialization Coordinator for English Education
Department of English and Modern Languages
Dave Modler Secondary Specialization Coordinator for Art Education
Department of Contemporary Art and Theater
Dr. Georgiann Toole Coordinator, Master of Arts in Teaching Degree Program
Department of Education
Dr. James Tuttle Department of Education
Barbara Ware Field Placement Coordinator
Department of Education
Dr. Dwayne Wright Chairperson of the Department of Education
Coordinator of MACI Program


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