Call for Posters and Software Demonstrations

ECCAD provides the research community with a forum for discussing novel ideas, and presenting work in progress. Contributions from all areas of symbolic and algebraic computing, and its application are welcome. We have received in total 28 posters and software demos in ECCAD 2008.

Abstracts has been included in the printed conference program, and published in an upcoming issue of the SIGSAM Communications in Computer Algebra.

List of Posters

  1. Elena Dimitrova, etc. Applications of the Groebner Fan to Gene Network Reconstruction.
  2. Robert Quinn and Hoon Hong. Connectivity in Semialgebraic Sets.
  3. Robert Lewis. Comparing Acceleration Techniques for the Dixon and Macaulay Resultants.
  4. David Joyner . SAGE and Coding Theory.
  5. John P. May, Mark Giesbrecht, Daniel Roche, Marc Moreno Maza and Yuzhen Xie. Automatic Variable Order Selection for Polynomial System Solving.
  6. Maki Iwami. An Attack on Improved Algebraic Surface Public-key Cryptosystem.
  7. Andrew Novocin. Factoring Univariate Polynomials over the Rationals.
  8. Osman Guzide, Kenneth May, James Getz and Adam Edgeson. New algebraic design for better P2P Features.
  9. Dean Zeller. An Introduction to Programming curriculum including elements of mathematics, art, and creative writing.
  10. Wei Zhou. Efficient Order Basis Computation.
  11. Mingsheng Wang and Jinwang Liu. Factorization problems on n-D polynomial matrices.
  12. Robert W. McGrail and Mary Sharac. Tricoloring as a Corrective Measure.
  13. Michael A. Kelsey. Dethroning Fibonacci Sequence.
  14. Amine Benkiran. Brouwer’s Fixed Point Theorem.
  15. Randall Wolfe. Divisibility Tests.
  16. Brandon Burkhart. Models of Population Dynamics.
  17. Caroline Ebersole. The Population Biology of Infectious Diseases.
  18. Josh Jones. The RSA Algorithm.
  19. Sean Riley. Origami and Mathematics.
  20. Shuhong Gao and Mingfu Zhu. An Incremental Algorithm for Irreducible Decompositions of Monomial Ideals.
  21. Matthew Prince. The Concept of Derivatives using Abstract Algebra.
  22. Wei Su, Chuan Cai, Paul Wang and Lian LI. A Solution for Online Entering and Editing Mathematical Formulas.
  23. George Yuhasz and Erich Kaltofen. Computing Minimal Generators of Integer Matrix Sequences.
  24. Stephen Watt. On the Functional Decomposition of Univariate Laurent Polynomials.
  25. Daniel Roche and Mark Giesbrecht. Detecting Polynomial Perfect Powers.
  26. Saleh Al-shomrani and Paul Wang. DMAS: A Web-based Distributed Mathematics Assessment System.
  27. Jinwang Liu. The W-Gr¨obner Bases and Monomial Ideal under Polynomial Composition.
  28. Xun Lai, Paul S. Wang, GeometryEditor: a Web-base Interactive Geometry Manipulative Authoring System.


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