What are Delta Sigma Pi's Requirements for Epsilon Kappa?

In order to pledge Delta Sigma Pi, you must be in good standing with the College. In addition, you must be a freshman, sophomore or first semester junior. This is because there is a requirement of two (2) active semesters after your pledge semester and new initiate semester. If you are an international exchange student who will be studying at the Shepherd University for your pledge semester and a subsequent semester, you may also pledge Delta Sigma Pi.


What does the process for Delta Sigma Pi involve?

Our process consists of three (3) different stages:

  1. The first stage is a professional stage where you will be involved in short one-on-one interviews with approximately 5-6 brothers in Delta Sigma Pi. During these interviews, you may ask questions about the fraternity. We will also be trying to gain a better understanding of you and your interest in the fraternity.

  2. The second stage is our social stage. During this stage, you will have more freedom to talk openly about whatever it is you are interested in. This is an opportunity to ask current Deltasigs about the various social events and activities we host during the semester. The dress is casual.

  3. The third and final stage of the pledge process is a panel interview given by 6-7 Deltasigs. This stage is by invitation only and is professional dress. After your third stage interview is over, a member of Delta Sigma Pi will contact you within 24 hours regarding an invitation to join our newest pledge class!


What if I do not own any professional attire?

If you do not own any professional attire and cannot find someone to borrow from, DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED FROM ATTENDING! Delta Sigma Pi was founded on the principles of help and service and we would be doing our founding fathers an injustice by refusing you for that reason. If this is the case, come to our first rush meeting and let us know. We will do our best to make suitable accommodations for you!


How many people are normally selected to join Delta Sigma Pi each semester?

There is no typical size for a pledge class in Delta Sigma Pi. We select our members based on the quality of their characteristics.


Can I be in a social fraternity or sorority also?

Yes. Several of our members are in social fraternities and sororities and find them both manageable.


Can I be in another business fraternity?

No. It is against our bylaws to accept someone as a member of our fraternity who is a member of another business fraternity.