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Dr. Mary Elizabeth Ellzey

ellzeyProfessor of English; Chair of the Department of English and Modern Languages; Director, Rude Mechanicals Medieval and Renaissance Players;
Co-coordinator, Minor in Women’s Studies

Office: Knutti 210
Phone: 304-876-5208

Area of Specialization
Medieval Literature

Curriculum Vita

Dr. Betty Ellzey joined the Shepherd College English faculty in 1989 after having completed a Ph.D. at The Catholic University of America and having worked a year as an assistant editor for The Middle English Dictionary at the University of Michigan. Her areas of specialization are Old and Middle English language and literature and medieval and Renaissance drama. Dr. Ellzey has published articles and presented papers on Chaucer,Beowulf, the Old English poem Genesis A, women in medieval romance, and medieval drama. Her other interests include ballet and modern dance. Dr. Ellzey is also the co-coordinator of the Women’s Studies Program and the Director of The Rude Mechanicals Medieval and Renaissance Players.