Ram's Den and Fireside Bistro

Located in the Student Center, on East Campus,
the Ram's Den is a one stop shop
to refuel and refresh, anytime of day! From breakfast to dinner,
the Den features a wide selction of options
to satisfy your stomach and tastebuds,
even on-the-go!

7am - 10pm          7am - 4pm

Mon - Thurs               Fri


Dining Hall

Between Kenamond and Turner Hall lies
the Shepherd Dining Hall.
Here, all can enjoy the tastes
of home and then some! Try out the unique eats from
each station, and be sure to look out for healthy options!

9am - 7:30pm            7:15am - 8pm               7:15am - 7:30pm

Sat - Sun                 Mon - Thurs                         Fri


Wellness Café

Need a light snack after a good workout?
Try the Wellness Café, located in our
very own Wellness Center. Featuring breakfast through dinner,
the Café has a nutrious snack for all.
Get up and grab yourself a boost today!

7am - 9am          7am - 3pm

Mon - Thurs               Fri