Ram's Den and Fireside Bistro

Located in the Student Center, on East Campus,
the Ram's Den is a one stop shop
to refuel and refresh, anytime of day! From breakfast to dinner,
the Den features a wide selection of options
to satisfy your stomach and taste buds,
even on-the-go!

Bistro:   Mon-Thurs   7am - 10pm          Fri   7am - 4pm

Ram's Den:   Mon-Thurs   7am - 9pm            Fri   7am - 3pm


Wellness Café

Need a light snack after a good workout?
Try the Wellness Café, located in our
very own Wellness Center. Featuring breakfast through dinner,
the Café has a nutritious snack for all.
Get up and grab yourself a boost today!

7am - 8pm          7am - 7pm          11am - 5:30pm

Mon - Thurs               Fri                     Sat

Ram Mart

Located on the ground floor of
Boteler Hall lies the Ram Mart.

Sun-Thurs:   5pm - Midnight