"Dedicated to the Liberal Art of Eating"

Shepherd University Dining Services is a dynamic service-oriented team committed to excellence in collegiate food service. We are dedicated to the enrichment of campus life through the food and service we provide the University. In all we do, we are "Dedicated to the Liberal Art of Eating".

Customers are the reason for our being. We provide undergraduate board program, campus-wide catering, and retail restaurant operations on the campus. We serve the entire campus community through these food facilities, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and guests to the campus. Students are the primary focus of our business activity. Our success directly impacts the quality of student life.

As a service-related business, we understand the importance of courteous, attentive, service that accommodates the varying needs of the members of the campus community. We shall be pro-active in our service program, while remaining highly responsive to the needs of our guests.

People are the source of our strength. As a service-related business, our employees are our most important and valued asset. To achieve the teamwork necessary for our success, we believe in employee participation at all levels of the business. Participation and teamwork are the keys to our success in achieving service excellence.

The food program shall serve quality products, with variety and innovative food offerings our hallmark. We are aware of the importance of providing appealing, appetizing products that are healthy and nutritious.

We shall operate with integrity in all we do. We shall be ethical in all our business dealings, and cognizant of the need to be socially responsible in our daily endeavors.

As a department within the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, we are a self-sustaining operation servicing the needs of the entire campus community as required and request by the schools and departments.

Director of Food Services

Aida Blanco

Office: 304-876-5149

Assistant Director/Chef

Scott Anderson

Office: 304-876-5158
Cell: 304-671-9061

Assistant Director of Retail Operations

Lauren Mayer

Office: 304-876-5229
Cell: 301-980-6756

Administrative Secretary

Carolyn Moler

Office: 304-876-5387

Director of Catering

Aida Blanco

Office: 304-876-5149
Cell: 304-616-0252

Ram Mart Manager

Khan Pahari

Office: 304-876-5513

Retail Evening Supervisor

Harland Jimenez

Office: 304-876-5229

Wellness Café Manager

Dee Rivera

Office: 304-876-5040
Cell: 304-579-7492

Dining Services Manager - Concessions

Ricky Clark

Office: 304-876-5147
Cell: 304-886-5176

Retail Food Service Manager

Bonita Brooks

Office: 304-876-5229

Wellness Café Supervisor

David Holland

Office: 304-876-5040

Dining Services Manager

Tammy Paugh

Office: 304-876-5387
Cell: 304-270-6197

Dining Services Supervisor

Dee Williams

Office: 304-876-5387
Cell: 304-676-3214


Jen Miller

Office: 304-876-5147
Cell: 240-291-0790

Catering Supervisor

Heath Crowley

Office: 304-876-5145
Cell: 304-596-1985