1. Make the first day a first priority.


2. Learn about your students.


3. Be prepared but flexible as well.


4. Practice/model what you profess.


5. Mix up your presentation style.


6. Evaluate often.


7. Be learning centered.


8. Give feedback often and promptly.


9. Don't be afraid to make a mistake.


10. Enjoy yourself!

Teaching Tools

Sample Syllabi

Syllabus Template
Core Curriculum Competencies - Examples for Syllabi
Definitions of Core Competencies

Sample Grading Rubrics

Grading Criteria Rubric (from SU English Dept. website)
OCA #1 - Journey Through a Cell
OCA #2 - Disease Report
OCA #3 - Disease Fact Sheet
IG Grading Rubric
Discussion Forums Rubric

Helpful Teaching Tools

The Shepherd University Center for Teaching and Learning Reading Library (contact us at x5461 to check out any of our books).

Creative Commons
Magna Commons
MERLOT (MultiMedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching)
Learning Styles Survey - VARK questionnaire
Learning Styles Survey - NCSU questionnaire
Faculty Development Teaching Tips Index
Cornell University's Center for Learning and Teaching
TLT Group Resources and Services
Tips for Enhancing Creativity in the Classroom
Biology Labs Online
The Carnegie Foundation
Social Psychology Network
Health Science Information Service
Classroom Ice Breakers
CAEL Linking Learning and Work
Universal Design for Learning

19 Lessons Learned about Teaching from a Pro

Tips for New Faculty -- Week One on the Job!

Tips for the First Day of Class -- Quick and Dirty!

CATME (Smarter Teamwork Tools)

Piazza (Email Management)

Poll Everywhere (free classroom "clickers")

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

MERLOT (MultiMedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching)Journal Outlets for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning  http://www.uww.edu/LEARN/journalsotl.php
Selected Scholarship on Teaching and Learning at Illinois State University  http://sotl.illinoisstate.edu/downloads/pdf/Gauisus_Online.pdf

Online and Hybrid Teaching Tools and Resources

The EduTech Center

Emerging Ed Tech

Publishers and E-Books

Shepherd University Book Store
The Faculty Center (Provided by MBS, SU’s University’s Largest Textbook Supplier )
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Routledge Taylor & Francis Group
Pearson Prentice Hall
McGraw Hill

Evaluation Tips

If you would like to be evaluated by a colleague, please contact Shannon Holliday (shollida@shepherd.edu or 5461) at the Center for Teaching and Learning, let her know the time and location of your class and she will schedule this.

Midterm Evaluation Example 1

Midterm Evaluation Example 2

Peer Classroom Visitation Evaluation Form