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Adjunct Training Workshops

The CTL sponsors workshops before the start of each semester to help orient new part-time faculty regarding issues related to Shepherd University students and the campus. Faculty who attend receive a $100 stipend, a teaching and learning text for part-time faculty, and a host of important institution-specific information to help them become better acclimated to campus.  Following each workshop, a customized technology training session is also offered, led by Lauryl Lewis, Instructional Technologist for Shepherd University. The Adjunct Training Workshop is an excellent opportunity for new faculty to learn more about Shepherd University students, policies, and operations as well as obtain valuable teaching tips before entering the classroom.

Next Workshops: Friday, January 10th from 1-4 PM in Library (optional tech training from 4- 5 PM).
***Department chairs***
 Please send an email with name and contact information for all new part-time faculty hires to as soon as you confirm the hire. This helps us in planning the next workshop and ensures that all new faculty receive an invite in a timely manner.

Getting Started at Shepherd University -- Click this link to access a checklist with all of your teaching needs!
TO RSVP or FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact or or call (304) 876-5461

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