New Faculty Learning Communities (NFLC 101 & 102)

Faculty new to Shepherd are required to take part in a two-year program called the New Faculty Learning Community. Information is provided on a variety of topics and faculty get the chance to share ideas, ask questions and meet fellow faculty members from across disciplines.

This fall, first-year faculty members attended the following sessions as part of the NFLC 101: 

August – “Student Learning Styles and “Active learning Teaching Methods” – Recommendations for discovering how students in your class prefer to learn and suggestions for shaping lesson plans to suit different styles. Suggestions for creating dynamic learning environments in the classroom were also discussed, by incorporating group projects, multimedia, and other active learning methods.

September– “Balancing Teaching and Professional Development” and “Professional Ethics”- How to juggle teaching, grading, advising and student success while devoting time to your own professional development and research as well. Also, a look at ethical considerations for new faculty to consider.

October– “Library Tour & Tips” – Ann Henriksson & Yanhong Wang gave an overview of Scarborough Library website, available resources, and  online research management tools designed to easily gather, manage, store and share all types of information, as well as generate citations and bibliographies (useful for students as well as faculty research). 

November – “Dealing with Students in Distress” – Ms. Barbara Byers, director of counseling services, shared ways to help faculty recognize when students are dealing with great stress and how to guide them to campus resources which could help them cope.

December – film viewing: “Declining by Degrees” – This PBS documentary examines the current state of higher education and issues facing the institutions, students, administrators, faculty and society as a whole. Greater calls for accountability and proof of quality teaching and learning are emphasized, while student’s study habits and attitudes about college are shared with surprising honesty.

Second year faculty members attended the following fall 2011 NFLC 102 sessions:

September: “Advising 101” – Financial Aid Director, Ms. Sandra Oerly-Bennett met with new faculty to discuss the academic advising process and the new Satisfactory Academic Progress procedure and ensure faculty are aware of how advising decisions can impact student’s financial status and progression toward degree completion.

October: “Advising 101 continued” – The advising discussion continued with individual laptops provided for the session so faculty could navigate the online advising process through RAIL.

November: “Working with Adult Students” – Mr. Randy Friend, director of Admissions, spoke with faculty regarding issues specific to adult students.
This group will meet throughout the spring semester to prepare their portfolios for the pre-tenure review process.