New Faculty Learning Communities (NFLC 101 & 102)

Faculty new to Shepherd are required to take part in a two-year program called the New Faculty Learning Community. Information is provided on a variety of topics and faculty get the chance to share ideas, ask questions and meet fellow faculty members from across disciplines.

This spring, first-year faculty members attended the following sessions as part of the NFLC 101:

January: Teaching Workshop focused on Learning Styles
February: Technology Smorgasbord
March: Teaching Workshop focused on Effective Time Management for Professors
April: Finale Luncheon with President Shipley

Second year faculty members attended the following spring 2012 NFLC 102 sessions:

February: Working with Adult Students (with Director of Admissions, Mr. Randy Friend)
March: Pre-Tenure Review Preparation
April: Finale lunch with President Shipley

Congratulations to NFLC 101 & 102 members who participated in these learning communities:

NFLC 101: Amy Shroades, Barbara Ware, Belinda Mitchell, Chris Coltrin, Christian Benefiel, Christopher Lovelace, Christy Wenger, Cynthia Vance, Gregory Place, Jared Androzzi, Jonathan Thayil, Julia Kaufman, Laura Porter, Monique Taylor, Ralph Wojtowicz, Sarah Smith, Scott Hippensteel, Sytil Murphy, and Yu-Hsuan Liao.

NFLC 102: Carrie Messenger, Emily Gross, Jacob Stump, Kurtis Adams, Yanhong Wang, Caroline Glackin, Georgiann Toole, Paula Donohue, and William Zimmer.