Mini Grants

The Center for Teaching and Learning awards a limited number of mini-grants (up to $1,000) to individuals, departments and support units for assessing student learning and curriculum/program development. Recipients are required to share their projects at a "Celebration of Student Learning" workshop each March and a one-page summary of the results of the project are due upon completion of the project. Many different kinds of activities are funded annually, depending on the needs and interests of individual programs and availability of funding from the CTL budget.

Mini-grant funding has been exhausted for the current fiscal year, but the English and Political Science departments were awarded funding to cover costs for conducting departmental assessment retreats, and Professor Rachel Ritterbusch received partial funding to cover travel expenses for attending the CARLA language institute in Minnesota in July 2010.

Grants will once again be available when the new fiscal year budget takes effect in July 2011. Application information can be found on the CTL website at:







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