Instructional Technology Update

Exciting Endeavors

We are in the midst of putting the final touches on our educational technology room, The EduTech Center. The EduTech Center is a place where faculty and students can come to practice with innovative technologies that they plan to eventually use in a classroom setting. This center will include technology such as a SMART Board, 2 computer lab stations with various multimedia software programs. The software on these computers includes programs such as DreamWeaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Camtasia (a screen recording program), Audacity (audio recording), projectors, audio/video equipment, Sakai, pod and video casting, web utilization and more.The center will enable the user to produce rich multimedia documentation, and presentations that will benefit classroom teaching and learning.


For those of you who do not use Sakai, I urge you to consider the benefits. Sakai will store your syllabus in a convenient online location. How many times have you heard students say that they lost their syllabus? With Sakai, just upload it once and it will remain there for student access; no more printing copy after copy. You can also share information with your students such as websites, articles, PowerPoint, You Tube videos, and much more by using the Resource tool for storage. Create an assignment, give tests and quizzes, make announcements and use the discussion board or email tool in Sakai. It offers many possibilities to enhance the student learning experience.
For faculty wanting assistance in integrating your pedagogy with Sakai, I’d be delighted to help you. Simply load your learning content and material into a USB drive, CD, or store it onto your M: drive. Once the material is stored, we can work together to successfully move the information to the Sakai interface.

Teaching Classes Online

Some of you may be gearing up to teach an online coursefor the first time, and could be experiencing some apprehension. Never fear! I can help you eliminate any concerns with several tips to help you create an effective online learning experience. Feel free to make an appointment to meet with me one-on-one and we can discuss your specific needs and explore some options for enhancing your online classroom. The following link can help you get started:

We will be offering a professional development opportunity in Summer 2012. I have created a quick “course” you may take to help fully prepare you for the online teaching experience.  After participating in this course you will receive a certificate. Please contact me at or x5059 to get started.

The Online Certification Course is full. We will offer it again next summer.

Techshop Series

The CTL has developed a series of workshops designed to train faculty and staff in various technologies. Offered every other Tuesday and Wednesday, Techshops are designed to increase technology usage, awareness, and knowledge on campus. This program coincides with the university’s strategic plan to implement 21st century technologies into the campus culture. Techshops train faculty and staff on various technologies to augment their classroom and work area, including SAKAI, Microsoft Office, SMART Technologies, Turnitin, blogging and the Sakai discussion forum tool. These hands-on workshops can help you learn something new and easily applicable in under an hour; stay tuned for an announcement of the fall Techshop schedule.