First Year Experience Update

Philosophy 100 Class

One section of Philosophy 100 was taught Spring Semester by Laura Neal. 

Preview of Next Fall’s FYEX Classes

With the addition of a required first-year experience for new students instituted by the General Studies committee, a new class has been added to the first-year experience lineup.  In addition to current FYEX 102 & PHIL 100 offerings, a new FYEX 101: Freshman Seminar will begin in the fall.  These classes will carry one credit and contain five competencies that must be covered:  critical thinking, life-long learning, wellness, experiential learning and information literacy.  Resources will be provided to instructors to help them incorporate these topics into their classes and find ways of assessing whether students have mastered the competencies.  FYEX 101, 102, Phil 100 and blended model first-year experience courses based in the academic departments will all fulfill the first-year experience requirement.

Learning Communities

Two exciting learning communities will be offered this fall.  One is titled, “In Our Own Words:  Landscapes of the Self”, and will link English 101 with Psychology 101 (taught by Drs. Hanrahan and Dobish – or as we endearingly like to call them, Heidi2.  The other will be “The Afternoon Stretch,” which links Philosophy 100 and English 100A (taught by our Writing Specialist, TC Williams).


Convocation is set for August 19th, 2011 at 4:30pm in the Butcher Center. Dr. Ed Snyder, Professor of Geology and 2010 WV Professor of the Year, will deliver the address to first-year students.  All are welcome to attend this event.