Assessment Update

We are nearing the end of the data collection phase in the current 2010-2011 assessment cycle. By now, all departments and support units should have a current plan on file in the Center for Teaching & Learning and be in the process of collecting and analyzing data for the upcoming reports, which are due by January 2012. CSDA Graduate assistant, Katie Branson, has worked with our office over the course of the semester to update records and digitally convert all current assessment content into the newly acquired online software program, WEAVE. Her work in this area has greatly helped us streamline the assessment efforts of the university and we will soon introduce the benefits and capabilities of this exciting new software to the campus at large.

Use of the nationally recognized Collegiate Learning Assessment test (CLA) continued this spring with 65 graduating seniors participating in the online exam. Designed to measure critical thinking, the exam is given to incoming freshmen each fall and graduating seniors each spring. Over time, these results chart the value-added by our institution and allow us to compare results with other schools state- and nationwide. Results from this round of testing will be made available in August, around the time when we will be preparing to test approximately 100 new first-year students.

Incoming freshmen will also be given the Student Readiness Inventory (SRI), an instrument designed to measure student college preparedness and help target at-risk students for specific outreach interventions that could enhance their involvement in campus life and increase their connections to the university community. For more information about the SRI, please contact Shepherd’s Retention Specialist, Helena Cole, or Dean of Teaching and Learning, Dr. Renninger.