Academic Support Center

If the ASC had a theme this semester, it would be “new additions and growth”! This summer we welcomed Emily Gross, our new ASC director, to the team. Emily is excited about the potential opportunities for enhancing the tutoring program, as well as offering academic support services to students suffering from “academic distress.”  We also welcomed our new neighbor, User Support, who moved into a section of the original ASC space in August.

Business was booming this semester, as our total number of tutors increased significantly to 52. These tutors are representatives of all disciplines and met the increased qualifications of a CUM GPA of 3.0 or higher. The tutoring program continued to have a record-breaking number of appointments. They met with a total of 555 clients for a total 2568 reservations this semester.  In fact, 68% of the total clients established semester-long tutoring relationships by attending two or more appointments throughout the term. Needless to say, we kept our tutors quite busy!

In the coming semester, the ASC plans to migrate towards a nationally certified tutoring program that will streamline and standardize tutor training and enhance our tutoring quality. After this semester’s success, we anticipate recruiting even more tutors to join our team and adding more tables and chairs to our location! For more information visit:




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