Advising Assistance Center

A new office has been established on campus to assist students with questions and concerns regarding academic advising. The Advising Assistance Center opened earlier this semester and provides students with answers to questions ranging from “Who is my advisor?” to “What do I need to do to graduate?”. The Advising Assistance Center, AAC, is now up and running in Room 208 of the Scarborough Library. A four-person staff of graduate student advisors has been working with students and their Academic Advisors to navigate the new on-line catalog and to help prepare for the up-coming Spring Semester. The center has also proven to be a resource to Full-time and Adjunct Faculty alike, helping with questions beyond those associated with advising. Visitors are encouraged to stop by either as a “walk-in” or by appointment. The center is open daily during regular library operating hours, closing just one hour before the library itself closes.

If a student you know is confused about registration, advisement, financial aid, changing majors, or any related subject and you do not have the answers to help them, send them to the Advising Assistance Center today to get the answers they need. According to Mike Fox, who is one of the graduate assistant advisors, a variety of students come into the center, from 1st years to seniors, asking an array of questions. “We send them in the right direction, using resources we were given-- connecting them to the registrar or their primary advisor, and answering questions as best we can.” Traffic varies from week to week, Fox says, but business seemed to especially peak during the advising period. “We haven’t had repeat customers yet this semester, so I think we’re helping students out. We do get questions from prospective students who contact us via email, asking about general program information, how to get started, the process for applying, and that sort of thing. We try to answer their questions and make them excited about coming to Shepherd.” Next semester, a Public Service Announcement will be recorded and aired on WSHC, 89.7 FM to get the news out that the AAC is ready and willing to help!

Contact the Advising Assistance Center by phone: (304) 876-5317 or email: Thanks to AAC employees Katie, Mike, Keith & Karen, and beginning next semester, Amelia for their dedication to helping Shepherd students find the answers they need.


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