The Academic Assistance Center (AAC)

The AAC, located in 208 Scarborough Library, has seen a steady increase in student visits leading up to and during the recent registration session. As was expected, there were a number of students showing an interest in the new 120 credit hour curriculum. The Graduate Assistants will be working with the Assistant Dean of Teaching and Learning, Dr. Warburton, to develop worksheets and tutorials for students to use with the on-line "What If Analysis" on RAIL once the 2011 catalog is available in July.  In the meantime, please see our helpful guides that walk you through advising at this time of transition:

The semester has been a busy one from an advising point of view as many discussions centered around the best ways to help students navigate and understand the myriad of changes happening at Shepherd including the 120 credit hour graduation requirement, the new Core Curriculum, the new 15 week calendar, and the related changes in majors and minors. Students should meet with their primary academic advisor as well to discuss these changes. 

Remember, Katie, Mike, Karen, Amelia and Courtney are always ready to help students develop plans and formulate questions in preparation for their meeting with their primary academic advisor.

The AAC will be open for business over the summer sessions (during library hours) to aid students with questions and will be preparing for an exciting fall semester.