The New Faculty Learning Communities

The New Faculty Learning Communities for first (NFLC 101) and second year (NFLC 102) faculty members are forums organized to help faculty members who are new to Shepherd University become better acclimated to campus.  We talk about relevant issues and enjoy guest speakers who address topics like student advisement and tenure and promotion. The New Faculty LC's meet once per month.

NFLC 101: For the 2009-2010 academic year, Shepherd University welcomed the following new full-time faculty members:  Dr. Colleen Nolan - (Dean NSM), Dr. Joseph Robbins – (PSCI), Dr. Chad Loewen-Schmidt – (ENGL), Dr. Julia Sandy-Bailey – (HIST), Mr. Philip Kavanaugh – (SOCI), Dr. Mark Cantrell – (ENGL), Dr. Jeff Groff – (PHYSICS/ASTRON), Dr. Amirhossein Amiraslani – (CSME), Mr. Michael Silecchia – (HPERS), Ms. Eva-Maria Suarez-Budenbender – (ENGL/ML), Ms. Tammy Butler – (HPERS), Dr. Rosie Barretta – (HPERS), & Dr. Dwayne Wright – (EDUC).

This fall, NFLC 101 sessions examined Grading Rubrics & Active Learning Strategies (September), the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (October), & an in-depth look at Merit, Promotion & Tenure and Annual Reports (November). NFLC 101 sessions will continue in the spring with topics including: Dealing with Students in Distress (February), Grants & Professional Development Opportunities (March), New Technological Tools (April), and a closing luncheon with President Shipley in May.

NFLC 102:  Second-year faculty who completed the NFLC 101 last year continue to meet on a monthly basis for additional guidance and conversation. This group is the NFLC 102 and is attended by faculty members Ann Legreid (BUS/SocSci), Kathy Corpus (FACS), Stacey Kendig (HPERS), Yuying Xie (ECON), Amy DeWitt (SOCI), Ann Murtagh (PSYCH), Carol Plautz (BIO), Chris Elmer (MATH), and Rebecca Mercado (EDUC).

Topics covered this fall included Advising 101 (September), Committee Basics and Political Strategies for Junior Faculty (October), and a video presentation of the documentary “Declining by Degrees” followed by a retention discussion (November). The spring NFLC 102 will explore Dealing with Difficult Students (February), Pre-Tenure Review (March & April), and a final closing luncheon with President Shipley in May.

The Center for Teaching and Learning also hosted a “Portfolio Party” for third-year faculty members who were putting together their Third-Year Review dossiers.