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A Big Campus Pat on the Back!

CLA stands for Collegiate Learning Assessment.” This exam is administered atcolleges and universities nationwide and provides an innovtive approach to assessing an institution’s contribution to ...

The FYEX Common reading Program celebrated a stellar fall semester, with strong participation at various events offered in conjunction with this years’ graphic novel, Persepolis, by Iranian author Marjane Satrapi. The novel was made into a major motion picture last year, now out on DVD, so we kicked this years’ program off with three “movie night” showings of the animated film...more 

Instructional Technology Update

We are now entering our second year of using Sakai, Shepherd University’s adopted learning management system. Sakai has been a great enhancement to teaching and learning. We have had many positive responses from those faculty and students that use Sakai. Now that we are in our second year, we hope to bring about new developments.

For some of you that do not use Sakai, you may want to reconsider:

  • Sakai can store your syllabus. How many times have you heard your students say that they lost their syllabus? You will then have to reprint it, waste paper and get it back to them sometime in class. With Sakai, all you need to do is upload it once and it will remain available for student access; no more printing copy after copy.
  • Provide students with additional resource links to websites, articles, PowerPoints, You Tube videos, and much more by using the Resource Tool.
  • Create and email assignments, tests/quizzes, and announcements using the Email Tool.
  • As you may have heard, the weather may be a bit rougher this year; you can still conduct class through Sakai by using the Chat Tool or the Discussion Tool.

The Center for Teaching and Learning has developed a series of technology-focused workshops (Techshops) designed to train faculty and staff in various technologies. These bi-monthly Techshops are aimed at increasing technology use and knowledge among the faculty and staff of Shepherd University. The workshops coincide with the university’s strategic plan to implement 21st century technologies across the campus. These workshops will help faculty and staff augment the use of instructional technology in their classroom and work area. Techshop topics include, but are not limited to, the Sakai learning management system, Microsoft Office, SMART Technologies, and webpage design.

I am here to “help you help others learn”. One-on-one, group, and departmental training sessions are available and can be scheduled at your convenience. Please let me know how I can assist you in your journey to integrate technology into your pedagogical practices.
Warm Regards,
Lauryl Lewis
Instructional Technologist
Shepherd University
(304) 876-5059