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About the ETC

From the beginning of its origin, by tools such as the computer, or the simplicity of the writing utensil, to the invention of the printing press, educational and instructional technology has assisted the process of communicating instruction to the learner. The EduTech Center mission is to provide educational and instructional technology through a process of integrating acceptable uses of technology, that in which those tools successfully articulate learning, with the art of pedagogy, in order to communicate cognitive instruction to the targeted learner.

In our continuance of excellence we are charged with helping you help others learn by disseminating creative, innovative and appropriate technologies on the behalf and concern for the pursuit of understanding, enlightenment and knowledge.

“I call the age we are entering the creative age because the key factor propelling us forward is the rise of creativity as the primary mover of our economy.” —Richard Florida, The Flight of the Creative Class, 2006.

As we enter the 21st century, we have now become more and more competitive in the educational realm; moreover, we are competing with other leading world economic organizations. 

The Partnership, the leading national advocacy organization focused on infusing 21st century skills into education, encourages the United States to do a better job teaching and measuring advanced, 21st century skills beyond simply assessing science and mathematics. In addition, the report outlines several actions at the national, state and local levels that the United States must implement to improve economic results and better prepare citizens to participate in the 21st century. (21st Century Skills, Education & Competitiveness Skills, Education & Competitiveness. A Resource and Policy Guide © 2008 Partnership for 21st Century Skills)

Therefore, we will endeavor to provide technologies that will allow creative and innovative teaching, learning and instructional environments facilitated by design, research, development, realization and assessment. We will provide and assist faculty and educators our services and guidance in order to prepare and educate the student to exit the institution with 21st century educational and technological skills; moreover, to equip the student in order to successfully navigate the work force and to become excellent contributors to the United States economic structure.