Audio/Visual Media Services

In 2009, Audio/Visual Media Services moved from the basement of Knutti Hall into the Dr. Howard N. Carper, Jr. Learning Commons in the Scarborough Library and is now part of the Center for Teaching, Learning & Instructional Resources. This move allows the office more space for equipment storage and a more centralized campus location. Director of Media Services Larry Dowdy, and technicians Patrick Atkins and Bob Tansill are here to assist you with all of your audio/visual needs. Requests for equipment setup or special media arrangements are all to be submitted through the new online WebTMA process through Facilities Management. For more information about requesting services click here...


Audio-Visual Media Services

Do you need immediate assistance with classroom technology equipment?

8:00 am-9:00 am
(304) 676-8478

9:00 am-3:00 pm
(304) 876-5461

3:00 pm-6:30 pm
(304) 676-8478

Emergency/after 6:30 pm
(304) 676-7204

Computer Problems: IT Services (304) 876-5457

If an equipment repair or major issue needs to be addressed, please complete a work request on the Facilities Management website;

DO NOT unplug or tamper with any multi-media or computer connector cables in this classroom. Doing so may damage equipment and cause problems for the next user.

Connect only University-owned laptops to the wired system in this classroom. Other laptops will encounter connection problems with the Shepherd network. If use of a personal laptop is necessary, please use the wireless connection.

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Our Goal is to provide quality Instructional Support Services associated with consultation in purchase and use of Audio-Visual equipment, campus delivery, enhancement of classroom facilities, operation, inventory, as well as storage and security of Audio-Visual equipment in support of our various instructional programs.