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Helping You Help Others Learn

We are committed to helping you help others learn. In an ongoing effort to support teachers and learners, the Center for Teaching and Learning heads up many vibrant pedagogical endeavors. 

Focus on Student Learning (FOSL)

We are proud to offer the "Focus on Student Learning" series (FOSL). The series features monthly presentations by engaging leaders in the world of academic excellence, and mini-workshops guided by professors who have introduced helpful and innovative teaching strategies. To preview what topics the series will tackle this semester, click here:

Spring 2009 FOSL Series

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Focus Committees

The CTL also leads ongoing dialogue and initiatives for change through its facilitation of various committees of staff and faculty on campus. Dr. Laura Renninger, Dean of Teaching and Learning, also leads the New Faculty Learning Communities, and the Assessment Task Force. Each of these groups serves a key role in improving the campus community to create the best possible environment for teaching and learning.


An ongoing project for the CTL is the organization and facilitation of Assessment activities for Shepherd University as a whole. Assessment activities give all of Shepherd's departments, both academic and administrative, an opportunity to take a step back and reflect on the departmental mission. Information gathered during assessment activities has proven vital to the improvement of academic offerings and program planning. The CTL also awards stipends and minigrants to fund faculty and staff members for conferences, on-campus projects, and off-campus experiences involving student learning (assessment).