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Student Handbook

  1. Attend a co-op information session to learn program requirements.

  2. Meet minimum Shepherd University requirements for participation in cooperative education:

    • Completion of 24 credit hours (bachelor’s degree program)

    • Minimum GPA of 2.5 overall

  3. Obtain approval from academic department.

  4. Attend career workshops to enhance employment skills.

  5. Advise co-op staff of interviews, job offers, acceptance, and start date.

  6. Complete and return all co-op forms to co-op office.

  7. Fulfill expectations and duties assigned by employer.

  8. Maintain professional manner at work.

  9. Maintain contact with faculty coordinator. Notify coordinator or co-op staff of any problems that may arise.

  10. Complete academic assignments for co-op course.

  11. Provide statement of total earnings during co-op assignment to the co-op office.

  12. Complete academic assignments for co-op course.

  13. Provide statement of total earning during co-op assignment to the co-op office.

  14. Register and pay for academic credit concurrently with co-op assignment.


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