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Co-op How To

Step 1

Contact our office and make an appointment to meet with the Director. Be prepared by having a completed Co-op Application. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss your current career interest and to start the search to find opportunities that match your interest.

Step 2

Relates to the preparation of a cover letter and resume. Every student should become familiar with the practice of developing a resume and cover letter. Attending a Career Center sponsored resume or cover letter workshop is highly recommended in developing this skill. Feel free to visit the Career Services home page to learn their scheduled workshops. The development of a resume or cover letter is not mandated by the Cooperative Education Office, but may prove valuable.

Step 3

Contact the director of Cooperative Education and inform him or her of your progress, in terms of the job search. Feel free to make an additional appointment if your initial job search falls short. Feel free to shift your focus to a different job market. See step four if you have already secured a placement.

Step 4

Every student must a complete a Learning Agreement, upon securing a position. This document represents the contract between the student, the employer and the department that will be awarding the academic credits. Therefore it must list clear objectives and means by which the student plans to meet those objectives. This entire document must be completed, signed and returned to our office, before a student is granted permission to register.

Step 5

The Director of Cooperative Education will grant students permission to register for the co-op class, once he or her receives the signed Learning Agreement Form. The student will be responsible for accessing the Rail and registering for the class. The student is also responsible for paying his or her billing in a timely fashion. Be advised that there is a deadline by which you must register for co-op. That deadline is usually week four of the semester. Students that miss the deadline will have to go through the petition process in order to get into the co-op program. Feel free to stop by or call the office to discuss the petition process.


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