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Your Computer Account

Your computer account is created shortly after you register for classes.

Your username and password can then be retrieved through RAIL

Here is what you need to do.

  1. Go to RAIL and click on Next Stop Rail – All Aboard!
  2. Enter your SID (Shepherd ID) and your PIN on the User Login screen.
  3. Click on Personal Information on the Welcome screen.
  4. Click on Password Management at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click on Retrieve Original Password. You will need to read and accept the Acceptable Use Policy. Your Username and Password will then be displayed.

    Note to Students. Your original password is what you must use to access your email account the first time.

  6. Click on Back to Password Management Menu in the upper right corner.
  7. Click on Change current password.
  8. Enter your new Password twice (See notes below before continue these instructions) and click on Change Password. A confirmation page will state your password has been changed.
  9. Notes about changing your password.
    This will not change your password for your email. It must be changed in the email site.

    Read the guidelines on the password change page for the requirements in terms of password length, and the types of characters which can and cannot be used.

    Currently the rules for your new password are:

    – 6 to 8 characters long
    – Can contain: upper case and/or lower case letters; numbers
    – Cannot contain: special characters such as !, &, $, ^, etc. because some of our systems do not handle them correctly.

  10. To protect your privacy, click on EXIT in the upper right corner and close your browser when you have finished viewing.

Your username and password allow you to access:

For more information, visit ID, PIN, Username and Password FAQ’s.