Alumni Spotlight

Read an interview with 2008 alumna Shannon Muth where she reflects on her time as a Comm major at Shepherd.

Shannon Muth





Joey, Pietro and Adam

Students Joey, Pietro and Adam ham it up in the computer lab using Photo Booth.


Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Communication
Chair, Department of Communication
L10I Knutti Hall, 304-876-5723
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 1-2. Tuesday and Thursday 2-3 or by appointment.

Visit Dr. Williams' home page or see a list of his courses.

Jason McKahan

Jason McKahan, PH.D.

Assistant Professor of Communication
L10H Knutti Hall, 304-876-5209

Office hours: Monday 11-1, Tuesday 11-2, Wednesday noon-1 or by appointment.

See a list of Dr. McKahan's courses.

Joyce Web

Joyce Webb, PH.D.

Associate Professor of Communication
G5 Knutti Hall, 304-876-5385
Office Hours: Wednesday 3:10-6:10, Thursday 12:10-3:10 or by appointment.

See a list of Dr. Webb's courses.

Monica Larson

Monica Larson, MFA

Assistant Professor of Communication
L10J Knutti Hall, 304-876-5642
Office Hours: Monday 1:15-3:15, Wednesday 11-1, Tuesday and Thursday 2-3. Friday or Evening Skype hours are available by email appointment. (Skype: wvmonicalarson)

Visit Professor Larson's home page or see a list of her courses.

Monica Larson

matthew Kushin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Communication
L10K Knutti Hall, 304-876-5361
Office Hours: Wednesday and Friday 11-1, Tuesday and Thursday 12:30-1:30

Visit Dr.Kushin's web site for all your Matt Kushin needs. See a list of his courses.

Cecilia Mason

Cecilia Mason

Faculty Adjunct

Professor Mason teaches COMM 348 News Practicum.


Todd Cotgreave

Todd Cotgreave

Chief Operating Officer, WSHC
G20 Knutti Hall, 304-876-5134

Mr. Cotgreave is in charge of running the day-to-day operations of the Radio Station, WSHC 89.7.

In addition to his Department Chair duties, Dr. Williams teaches the following classes:

  • COMM 203 Communication & New Media
  • COMM 333 Music Video
  • COMM 345 Animation & Communication
  • COMM 403 Media Studies

Dr. McKahan teaches the following classes:

  • COMM 302 Narrative Scriptwriting
  • COMM 304 History of Film
  • COMM 305 History of Television
  • COMM 350 Single Camera Production
  • COMM 354 Experimental Video
  • COMM 392 Cooperative Education in Communication
  • COMM 420 Advanced Production
  • COMM 450 Internship in Communication

Dr. Webb is in charge of the Business & Organizational Communications minor and teaches the following classes:

  • COMM 202 Fundamentals of Speech
  • COMM 222 Voice & Diction
  • COMM 308 Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 310 Conducting Business Meetings & Group Discussions
  • COMM 312 Presentations in Business & Professional Contexts
  • COMM 315 Organizational Communications
  • COMM 325 Critical Thinking for Conflict Resolution
  • COMM 331 Intercollegiate Forensics
  • COMM 408 Communication for the Consultant
  • COMM 410 Intercultural Communications

Professor Larson teaches the following classes:

  • COMM 343 Graphic Novel
  • COMM 344 Game Design
  • COMM 346 Motion Graphics
  • COMM 352 Computer Mediated Communication
  • COMM 406 Advertising & Imagery
  • COMM 447 Advanced Internet Media
  • COMM 461 Senior Capstone

Dr. Kushin teaches the following classes:

  • COMM 203 Communication and New Media
  • Fundamentals of Social Media
  • Communication Theories
  • Principles of Public Relations
  • Writing Across Platforms
  • Strategic Campaigns
  • Communication Research