Alumni Spotlight

Read an interview with 2008 alumna Shannon Muth where she reflects on her time as a Comm major at Shepherd.

Shannon Muth








Jason McKahan

Jason McKahan, PH.D.

Associate Professor of Communication
Chair, Department of Communication
L10H Knutti Hall, 304-876-5209

Office hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10-12, Tuesday 10-12 and 1-3, or by appointment.

See a list of Dr. McKahan's courses.

Monica Larson

Matthew Kushin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Communication
L10K Knutti Hall, 304-876-5361
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 11-2 or by appointment.

Visit Dr.Kushin's web site for all your Matt Kushin needs. See a list of his courses.

Monica Larson

Monica Larson, MFA

Associate Professor of Communication
L10J Knutti Hall, 304-876-5642
Office Hours: Monday 1-2, Tuesday/Thursday 12:15-1:15 and Wednesday 12-3 or by appointment. Evening Skype hours are available by email appointment. (Skype: wvmonicalarson)

See a list of Professor Larson's courses.

Kevin WilliamsKevin Williams, Ph.D.

Professor of Communication
L10I Knutti Hall, 304-876-5723
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10-11. Tuesday and Thursday 11-12 or by appointment.

Visit Dr. Williams' home page or see a list of his courses.

Cecilia Mason

Cecilia Mason

Faculty Adjunct

Professor Mason teaches COMM 348 News Practicum.


Todd Cotgreave

Todd Cotgreave

Chief Operating Officer, WSHC
G20 Knutti Hall, 304-876-5134

Mr. Cotgreave is in charge of running the day-to-day operations of the Radio Station, WSHC 89.7.

Dr. Williams teaches the following classes:

  • COMM 329 Sound Design
  • COMM 333 Music Video
  • COMM 345 Animation and Communication
  • COMM 360 Studio Production
  • COMM 392 Cooperative Education in Communication
  • COMM 403 Media Studies

In addition to his Department Chair duties, Dr. McKahan teaches the following classes:

  • COMM 302 Narrative Scriptwriting
  • COMM 304 History of Film
  • COMM 305 History of Television
  • COMM 350 Single Camera Production
  • COMM 354 Experimental Video
  • COMM 402 Gender and Media
  • COMM 420 Advanced Production

Professor Larson teaches the following classes:

  • COMM 343 Graphic Novel
  • COMM 344 Game Design
  • COMM 346 Motion Graphics
  • COMM 402 Special Effects in Film
  • COMM 406 Advertising & Imagery
  • COMM 447 Advanced Internet Media
  • COMM 461 Senior Capstone

Dr. Kushin teaches the following classes:

  • COMM 203 Communication and New Media
  • COMM 321 Principles of Public Relations
  • COMM 322 Social Media
  • COMM 335 Writing Across Platforms
  • COMM 435 Communication Research
  • COMM 470 Strategic Campaigns