Open Lab Hours

Note: The computer lab, located in Knutti G8, is not open when the University is closed for holidays or snow days. There are no Sunday lab hours.

About Us: Technology

Students in the Comm department must be able to have access to an Internet-enabled computer outside of class.

Hardware & Software

The Communication & New Media curriculum provides students with a solid technology foundation using state-of-the-art software and hardware. Our technology classroom is equipped with iMac computers. A few of the software packages students use are:

While it is advantageous for students to have their own computers equipped with the same software used in class, we realize this is simply not within every person's budget. Regular lab hours are available for students to work on projects outside of class.

Online learning environment

The University uses Sakai as its online learning system. Course syllabi, discussion groups and assignments are coordinated using Sakai.