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Letter to FYEX Parents

Dear Shepherd Parent, 

Your son or daughter will soon be purchasing and reading I Am Malala by Malala Yousafza, the Shepherd University Common Reading for academic year 2014-2015. All first-year students are encouraged to read this book before the start of the Fall Semester. It is a required text in most of the First-Year Experience classes and many other classes in which first-year students enroll.

We hope that you will also take the opportunity to read the book. Copies are available for sale from the Shepherd University Bookstore, the local Four Seasons Bookstore, and other local bookstores and online. The Common Reading Program encourages all Shepherd students, faculty, staff and members of the surrounding community to share in the experience of reading and discussing this common text. By reading the book and discussing the themes and issues in the book, you and your son or daughter will be able to become jointly involved in this shared experience. It will be a subject of conversation that can transcend difficult classes, roommate issues, money matters, and many other typical first-year student/parent concerns.

We are planning many events to illuminate concepts and topics in the book, which include film showings, lectures, class discussions, a common reading dinner, special speakers and an essay contest.

All Common Reading events are free to the public with the exception of the Common Reading dinner in the Dining Hall. You are cordially invited to attend. Shepherd University is a liberal arts institution and as such, aims to graduate critical and global thinkers and educated decision makers. The Common Reading Program brings those values to students immediately upon their arrival and will be reinforced in numerous ways throughout their first year at Shepherd.

For more information about how the common reading is chosen and additional information related to the book, please see other links on this website. If you have any questions regarding the Common Reading, please contact me.

Shannon Holliday

Shepherd University