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Liz Murray TED talk

ABC news

‘Homeless to Harvard:’ Child of Addicts Counsels Youth in Spirituality

In anew chapter in her journey, Liz Murray is helping youth struggling with homelessness at New York’s Covenant House, a nonprofit that provides shelter and support …

Harvard article

Hidden in Plain Sight: Student Homelessness in America

Common reading for another college

Liz Murray, author of ‘Breaking Night’ visits with Wallace …

Wallace State Community College recently had the opportunity to conduct a Skype session with Liz Murray, the author of “Breaking Night: A Memoir of Forgiveness …

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LIZ MURRAY: A Life Worth Living – Meet Carolyn Blake

Liz Murray, founder of Manifest Living, overcame astronomical odds – early loss of her drug addict parents and street living, to graduate from Harvard. Meet Liz

Homeless to Harvard (and Beyond!): Khadijah Williams | Where Are They Now | Oprah Winfrey Network

She was homeless…but not hopeless. In 2009, Oprah met Khadijah Williams, a young woman who grew up in shelters but never stopped believing in herself and the power …

After Harvard, A New Home | News | The Harvard Crimson

The camera pans out on actress Thora Birch, seated in what is supposed to be a Harvard classroom. The end music plays as a message appears on the screen: “Elizabeth …