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Scarborough Library Common Reading Research Guide

“Hidden in Plain Sight”: America’s Promise 2016 Report on Student Homelessness

Liz Murray TED talk

Liz Murray at We Day 2012

Liz Murray interview – NPR

How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime

Compilation of clips of Liz from across YouTube

Travis Smiley – Liz Murray – PBS

Liz Murray – “The ‘What If’ Voice”

Homelessness Videos

 Lost Angels: Skid Row is My Home 

Hard Times Generation

Tent City   

How Do Homeless Women Cope with Their Periods?  

Storied Streets – available with Amazon Prime

Google “Ted Talks  Homelessness”

How I got Over – (available on Netflix) A documentary that follows a group of homeless women living in a shelter in DC through the process of creating and performing a show of their own stories with the help of a DC-based theater program. It’s quite powerful and highlights the often neglected power of art in the healing process.

ABC news: Homeless to Harvard – Child of Addicts Counsels Youths in Spirituality

Hidden in Plain Sight: Student Homelessness in America

After Harvard, A New Home

A similar story:

More about Liz:

LIZ MURRAY: A Life Worth Living – Meet Carolyn Blake
Homeless to Harvard (and Beyond!): Khadijah Williams | Where Are They Now | Oprah Winfrey Network

She was homeless…but not hopeless. In 2009, Oprah met Khadijah Williams, a young woman who grew up in shelters but never stopped believing in herself and the power …

1 in 7 New York City Elementary Students Will Be Homeless, Report Says

For 1.3 Million Homeless Youths, ESSA Is a Beacon of Hope

Addiction & Recovery: Struggle for Sobriety (filmed in Charles Town, WV)

Heroin(e) – documentary resources

Angela’s Story