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Welcome to the newly formed College of Business (COB) at Shepherd University.

The creation of the COB is a formal consolidation of the business oriented departments – Accounting, Business Administration, and Economics & Finance – with the graduate program – MBA – into a single academic unit. This organizational change allows for business-oriented departments, faculty, and programs to obtain a synergy for the stakeholders we serve. The major way we interact with our stakeholders is through a applicable curriculum that identifies and provides students the skills companies want.

One of the key stakeholders of the COB is students. One of the goals for the COB faculty is to match a student’s level of interest in business with the correct path through the various business programs. We have three majors: Accounting, Business Administration, and Economics; six concentrations: General Business, Entrepreneurship, Financial Economics, Financial Planning, Management, and Marketing; and six minors; Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality Management, and Marketing. This breadth of programs provides an undergraduate student at Shepherd to find the level of business education that the student feel best suits his or her needs.

The Shepherd University Masters of Business Administration (MBA) accommodates those students looking for a graduate business education. Here again a student may option for a general MBA or for a more specialized program in Public Administration, Health Administration or Sport Management.

Another stakeholder is business. Here our goal is to develop the curriculum that provides students the skills they need for the jobs and careers companies have. We do this by asking the companies: What skill sets do you need Shepherd business graduates to have? From this basic question and ongoing collaborations between companies and faculty, we develop a curriculum that creates well prepared and desirable graduates.

Most of us look at various business products and ideas and say: Why didn’t I think of that? I could have thought of that? Post-it notes are a multi-billion dollar industry! Whether you want to work in an existing business environment, start your own business environment, or simply adapt business concepts to your area of expertise, the COB can help you find an area of study that expands your career opportunities.

I encourage you to look through the majors and minors; to take advantage of lectures and presentations; to talk with our faculty; to look at student groups for career networking opportunities; all, with the intent to explore topics and ideas for broadening and improving your career opportunities.

Find the next post-it note…

Ben Martz
Dean, College of Business
White Hall 202
Shepherd University
PO Box 5000
Shepherdstown, West Virginia 25443
Tel: 304-876-5367