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SUJUR 2010





Introduction from the President of Shepherd University


Letter from the Vice President for Academic Affairs



1. James R. Arndt, III, and Dr. Dan Dilella

Hydrothermal Synthesis of Lanthanum Titanate Nanoshsheets: A Photocatalyst for Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Chemical Commodities


9. Robert Auld and Dr. Christopher Elmer

High Altitude Balloon Modeling and Prediction Software


13. Kyle Crapster and Dr. Peter Vila

Assessment of Escherichia of Coli in Jefferson County Springs and Streams


18. Jessica Curtis and Dr. Peter Vila

Survey of Herptofauna In Three West Virginia Counties: Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan


25. Chase Dowling, Dr. Qing Wang, Dr. Zhijun Wang, and LCDR Glenn Dowling, MD, MPH, Department of Defense

The Reproductive Ratio of Pandemic H1N1/09 Influenza Virus in Active Duty Military Personnel


32. George Manney Gaither III and Dr. Seung-Yun Kim

Visual Representation of Digital Logic in Petri Nets


39. Ryan Hernandez and Dr. Seung-yun Kim

Decision Making Processss In a Free-Fighting Robot: Based Off of Shephpherd University's Vulcan Series


47. Caleb Rice and Dr. Jason Best

Skyglow Analysis at the Shephpherd University Observatory


54. Brett Shaffer and Dr. Dan DiLella

Preparation and Characterization of Surface Modified Metal Nanoparticles for Use in Sensor Apppplications


60. Phillip Sinsky and Dr. Mengyang Li

Dynamic Compressssion Properties of a Palmitic acid monolayer


65. Andee Soccino and Dr. David Wing

Preserving the Genome of an Endangered Species: Arabis Serotina


72. Kristen Trevey, Dr. Peter Vila, and Dr. Dan DiLella

Preliminary Assessment of Nutrient Load in Six Springs and Streams of Jefferson County, West Virginia


79. Brett Zirkle and Dr. Carol Plautz

Establish ment of a Role for Transcriptional Cofactor XLDB1 in XENOPUS Lens Development