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SUJUR 2009








1. Kristen Trevey, Peter Vila, Justin Arner, Carol Zygar Plautz, and Dan DiLella

Assessment of Escherichia coli and Chemical Data in the Surface Waters of Jefferson County, West Virginia


12. Justin Arner, Peter Vila, and Carol Zygar Plautz

Effects of Local Water Contaminants on the Development of Aquatic Organisms


27. Jonathan Leon Catrow, David Wing, Daniel DiLella, and Eugne Volker

Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectroscopy of Cuticular and Epicuticular Waxes of Arabis Serotina


36. Raina Romero and Nick Martin

Utilizing the Hermite-Ostrogradski Formula for the Integration of Rational Functions


41. Kristel Chase, Qing Wang, and Zhijun Wang

Analysis on SARS Models


44. Braden Myers and Seung-yun Kim

Induction unit for supplemental energy in Wireless Sensor Networks


51. Chris Schmitt and Seung-yun Kim

Using Human-Computer Interfaces for Purposes beyond Rehabilitation


55. Seung-yun Kim, Osman Guzide and Seth Cook

Towards an Optimal Network Topology in Wireless Sensor Networks