Guidelines for Grant Application


1. Projects must be related to science, mathematics and engineering areas.

Proposals must be written in the format given by the URC.

Download Proposal Format (MS Word)

2. The total budget including stipend for faculty for the project may range from $1,000 to $2,500. Faculty stipend and supplies can not exceed 30% of the total budget. Applicants must fill out the application form and present a one-page summary of their research plan including a statement of the problem, methodology, expected results, and the proposed timeline.

3. The final decision regarding the award of the grants will be made by the advisory committee of the URC.

4. The Consortium will award these grants based on the following criteria:

Technical and Scientific Merit (25 points)

Potential for Future Funding and Long-Term Impact (25 points)

Soundness of Approach (25 points)

Relevance to NASA mission and West Virginia priorities in science and technology (25 points)

5. Quarterly and final reports will be required. The Consortium will provide report formats.

Download Report Format (MS Word)

6. The students who wish to participate in guided research will submit a formal proposal to the committee with clearly stated objectives.

7. Students are encouraged to seek guidance from faculty members in both writing the proposal and evaluating the quality and relevance of the proposal well ahead of the time of submission.

8. Faculty members are encouraged to approach promising students with an invitation to participate in a URC research project. Also, they are encouraged to suggest possible research projects to them.

9. The proposal should contain a brief description of costs involved (stipend, equipment, etc) and also a timeline of completion of the project, and it will include a standard form as well, to be filled out by the student and submitted to the committee for evaluation.

10. Based on the quality of the proposal, the URC will consider funding the project upon a thorough evaluation by the advisory committee.

11. Proposals originating in the respective departments will be funded by the URC with the understanding that the advisory committee members actively participate in the URC meetings.