The Department of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
MATH - Mathematics


Mathematics is the basis of all sciences, and it can be argued that good training in mathematics enhances all intellectual activity in general. Mathematical training develops a fl exible mind and an ability to quickly and efficiently learn new things and solve diverse problems that arise in all walks of life and can also help students succeed in fields other than mathematics. Frequently, the best programmers in computer science are mathematicians. Fields like economics, business, medicine, the fine arts, and literature often have people with a solid mathematical background.

The various concentrations below provide students with the flexibility to choose a course of study that is most interesting to them. As society becomes more technically oriented and science dependent, there will be a growing need for people who are well trained in the sciences and mathematics. Students with strong mathematical skills and a desire to be in a challenging major will have a clear edge in the job market. First-hand experience with our graduates demonstrates that all our mathematics majors find satisfactory employment and very positive feedback from employers.


Traditional Mathematics

This concentration is geared toward the more theoretical aspects of mathematics. Students in the traditional mathematics program are prepared for graduate school or a career in actuarial science. The department sponsors problem-solving seminars and contests to keep students engaged and challenged. Students receive lots of individual attention from faculty members even outside of class.

Industrial Mathematics

This concentration is designed to land graduating students in an industrial job upon graduation. The department constantly monitors the needs of industry and tailors its course offerings in direct consultation with industries. In addition, faculty members frequently invite guest lecturers from nearby companies to talk with students.

Math Education

This major prepares students for a teaching career. There is a demand for mathematics teachers nationwide. Our students have been exceptionally successful in passing the required certification exam. Our mathematics education program is nationally accredited and NCATE/NCTM approved. The mathematics faculty members have a good rapport with a number of local high schools, and the department makes a special effort in preparing education majors to perform well on the certification exam.

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