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Internship Information

Employment opportunities

Employment opportunities are available within a comfortable distance from Shepherd. Every year students obtain internship and co-op opportunities with employers such as U.S. Coast Guard Technology Center, U.S. Veterans Hospital, and the IRS.

The Washington Gateway program is available to students who wish to take advantage of the educational, intellectual, and cultural resources available in the Washington metropolitan area. In the past our students have benefitted from field trips to the National Security Agency, the FBI, the Spy Museum, and numerous other sites in Washington, D.C., area.

Internship Committee


Below are documents related forms for Co-Op and internships.

Internship Supervisor Form: PDF or DOC

CIS 396 Final Report Template: PDF or DOC

Guidelines for CIS 396 – Internships

  1. The student must provide a Commitment Letter from the company that includes the following information:

    1. Type of internship (part or full time) and (paid or non-paid*)
    2. Starting period, ending period, and the length of the internship
    3. A detailed scope of the assignments and responsibilities during your employment
    4. Your specific task and duties during your employment
    5. Your immediate onsite supervisor - Title/position
    6. How and how often you’re evaluated.
    7. Employer is agreed to release any information about your performance and meeting your responsibilities.

    *The department does not encourage non-paid internship. If you plan to start a non-paid internship, the Internship Committee may require more information about the nature of your work during your employment.

  2. The Commitment Letter must be submitted to the advisor, the Internship Committee and the department Chair three weeks before the starting date.
  3. You are required to adhere to all the specifics that are included in CIS 396 syllabus, should your request to enter CIS 396 is approved by the committee.
  4. A binder is required to enclose the portfolio for the internship id, which includes the Commitment Letter, Weekly Reports, Final Report and Presentation Slides.
  5. Weekly report is to be sent electronically to the internship instructor by email. You are also required to enclose hard copies of your weekly reports in your portfolio folder.
  6. It is students’ responsibility to turn in your Internship Portfolio to your instructor before final week for grading. Fail to turn in portfolio on time may result in a failing grade.
  7. The number of credits for your internship primarily is based on item (1 –c,d) and will be recommended by the advisor and the Internship Committee to the Department Chair.
  8. Continual appointment does not guarantee extension of the number of credits or repeating the course under the same position and responsibilities.

Important Note: CIS 396 is offered only with the approval of the academic advisor. Students may be required to sign up for Co-Op in CIS; CIS 292, CIS 392 or CIS 492. Please discuss the matter with your advisor before planning to take CIS 396.

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