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Data analytics is a deep, multi-faceted subject with significant historical context, modern relevance, and future promise. Science, technology, business, crime, governance, recreation, and our private lives are all impacted by society's increasing capacity to generate, store, and transmit digital data. The objective of the Shepherd University Data Analytics program is to develop students who have advanced capacity to derive knowledge from data and to communicate an understanding of that knowledge. This includes skill in data collection, preparation, representation using mathematics, and storage and retrieval. It involves selection of and processing with appropriate methods, development and analysis of algorithms, and implementation in computer programming languages. It requires breadth of knowledge in many domains and depth of knowledge in a particular field. We expect graduates of our program to enjoy successful and productive careers whether they choose to attend graduate school, work in industry, contribute to research organizations, or follow entrepreneurial instincts.


Advanced Analytics

This concentration focuses on advanced concepts from mathematics, statistics, computer science, machine learning, and visualization. The major culminates with senior capstone research and an advanced course on big data analytics using, for example, the map-reduce programming paradigm.


This concentration focuses on data analytics problems arising in biology. Bioinformatics students gain a solid background in the natural sciences while developing computational skills and insights. The major culminates with senior capstone research and an advanced genomics and bioinformatics course.


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