CIT - Computer Information Technology

The Computer and Information Technology program prepares students for existing and emerging jobs and careers in the application of information systems and technology. Students in this program will learn the most current knowledge, concepts, and tools in a variety of IT areas, and develop an appreciation of the connection between the real life and digital world. The core courses in CIT degree will ensure students have a solid foundation of information system, networking, database, information security, software development, and Web programming.

Biometrics and Information Security - BIS

This concentration is to provide students with key concepts of both biometrics and information security areas. Students will also learn how biometrics can be employed to enforce and enhance information security. The course of study includes biometrics fundamentals, biometrics and information security, management information systems, and network security. Graduates of this program are prepared to apply their knowledge and skills in fi nancial institutes, law enforcement, and a variety of business and administrative organizations.


Information Technology - IT

The major thrust of the CIT discipline is that it not only expands into support systems, but also covers other aspects of the business world. A mix of skills along with technical proficiency is important in real world applications. This degree will place greater emphasis on the knowledge of business fundamentals. A graduate of this program will have developed an appreciation of the connections between the real and the digital worlds.


One goal of this major is to bridge the gap that exists between the technology and user of the technology with respect to understanding how computers and software applications can meet the needs of real life. The core courses in the CIT major will ensure students with the depth of knowledge in programming, networking, computer organization, web programming and mathematics. Each of the three concentrations are designed to help a particular sector of the business world, in particular the security of networks, optimization of business organization and database management, and web design and programming.


Web Programming and Design - WPD

This track is designed to provide students with fundamental concepts and the most current skills and tools related to the design and development of professional Web sites. Course offerings include programming languages (Java, C#, XHTML, etc.), database management system, XML and Web services technology, and Web design studio.


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