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October 10, 2002
Agenda Item No. 4


Currently, 22% of Shepherd's students live on campus. The demand for housing has increased in the last three years with all the buildings overflowing their capacity and waiting lists of 30-50 students at the start of each year. The overflow has been housed in residence hall lounges until rooms become available. This demand, coupled with additional factors regarding student requests, has given rise to the consideration of the development of a new apartment style residence hall to be located on the West Side of campus.

The 12 current residential facilities at Shepherd College yield a total housing capacity of 1,041. The age of the facilities ranges from 17 to 87 years. Room configurations are traditional double- and triple-occupancy bedrooms located on both sides of a central hallway, where residents share a communal bathroom. The only alternative to this traditional housing is the two bedroom suites located in Westwoods, which house four students each in a suite style arrangement consisting of shared bedrooms and bath with a communal living room. There are no designed/designated single rooms in our housing stock nor is there housing for married students, students with children, or residential facilities which have kitchens.

The College's Residence Life Program is based on a developmental model, which provides greater autonomy and responsibility to students as they move through their college experience. Currently we are lacking the last component of this model, which is apartment style living or independent living (singles). As a result, many upper class students choose to move or must move off campus to have the privacy and autonomy that is afforded by single rooms.

The Campus Master Plan that the Board approved last Spring stipulated that any new housing should be located on the West Side of campus. It is our recommendation that we explore the possibilities of the development of a 600-bed unit to be located on the West Side of campus. The apartments would be garden-style units comprised of fully furnished two-bedroom/two private bath and four-bedroom/four private bath apartments with full kitchen and living/dining areas. They would be attractive, modern facilities with educational technology, study areas, and other facilities that would help to recruit and retain students.

The Student Affairs Office plans to work with a firm to develop a market study, prior to the commitment to develop the apartment complex, to see if the current demand will continue and if adequate funding for the project can be found.

Since Residence Life is an auxiliary enterprise, there is no expectation that the College or the State will contribute funds for the project. The project is planned as self-supporting with an adequate capital renewal fund and improvement program built in. A variety of options will be explored for the funding and management of this project.

A presentation will be made at the Board meeting to further elaborate on the proposed residence hall facility.