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October 10, 2002
Agenda Item No. 8


FY 2004 Special Project Funding Documentation

Institution Name: Shepherd College

Project Name: Blue Ridge Center ­ CTC of Shepherd

Amount of Request: $150,000

Nature of Request:

_____ One-time request

__ First Year of recurring request

__XX Subsequent year of recurring request (continuation project)

Rate from highest to lowest, with 1 being the highest

Governing Board Priority 1

Section I ­ Provide a brief description of the project

The Blue Ridge/Martinsburg Center is the home base for the CTC of Shepherd. We requested $200,000 in previous years, and we are asking for $150,000 in fiscal year 2004. We anticipate that we would continue to cut the request in half each year for the next two years, and then phase out this request altogether. The enrollment at the Blue Ridge Center will be sufficient at that time to support operation of the center. The Center is a vital and growing part of the educational plan for this region, and this money will help to ensure the success of the Center.

Section II ­ Provide a narrative of the manner in which the project correlates with the institutionšs compact and the state-wide master plan.

The CTC institutional compact prominently mentions the Martinsburg/Blue Ridge Center as a key element in developing the enrollment base of the CTC. Berkeley County is one of the fastest growing regions of West Virginia, and the CTC was relocated to Martinsburg this past year in order to better serve the region. The relocation and the subsequent enrollment increase help to accomplish a number of things mentioned in our compact and in the state-wide master plan. These items include increasing the college going rate, providing affordable access, and developing the local economy.

Section III ­ Provide the following budget and funding data:

A. Summary of one-time expenditures for start-up or capital assets:

1. Total amount required for this project: not applicable
2. General categories of expenditures:
3. Amount request from Special Projects funding:
4. Other planned funding amounts and sources: none

Summary of recurring annual expenditures

5. Total amount of annual recurring expense for this project: $150,000
6. General categories of expenditures: Building rent
7. Amounts requested from Special Projects funding: $150,000
8. Other planned funding amount and sources: CTC budget and State allocation.

B. Anticipated Special Funding request for this project in subsequent fiscal years:

Section IV ­ Other Information:

A. For Capital expenditures in excess of $1,000,000, please provide the information required by Series 12.

Not Applicable.

B. Optional ­ Attach other information you feel is appropriate to further describe and justify the funding request.